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Moku Manu, or Bird Island in the Hawaiian language, is a 2.3 acre islet located offshore Kalaupapa peninsula on island of Molokai.  The islet is part of the State Seabird Sanctuary: access is by permit only to protect the islet's flora and fauna.

In dark sepia tones the infamous Kalawao harbor, incredibly beautiful as well as tragic. This history connects us all.

Kalaupapa Moku Manu

  • Prints are generated from hand painted watercolor artwork by Phil Sabado in Maui. 

    Phil grew up in Molokai and captures the Molokai spirit in all his paintings.   

    All images are signed by the artist and include matting.

  • The following variations are available:






    11"x14"   $35


    20"x24"   $50 $125
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